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Professional-Quality Tree Service in Grafton County, NH

Tree Maintenance in Grafton County, NH

A well-cared-for property is a beautiful sight, whether you are trying to attract customers to your business or just wish to improve the curb appeal of your home. When you are looking for professional-quality tree service in Grafton County, NH, turn to us. Our clients have always known that they can count on us to deliver superior tree work with the utmost care.

At T.L.C. Tree & Crane Service, we work under the supervision of a professional arborist in Grafton County, NH. John Faucher has spent many years studying arboriculture and continues his education even today. With his unique point of view as someone who knows trees, he looks for ways to keep trees healthy before cutting them down. Regular care, including pruning, helps keep trees in tip-top shape.

Trimming for health and beauty, as well as cutting off nuisance limbs, is an accepted practice for trees in urban and residential areas. There is safety to be considered, as well as property, such as houses, vehicles, and wiring. When a tree is a threat to property or in a weakened condition, the best move may be to cut it down.

Count on our company for tree landscaping services in Grafton County, NH. We look after their health and keep them attractive. Even the removal of a small tree can be a big task as their roots grow deep and spread out for stability and nourishment. We have trained professionals, as well as machinery and equipment, including a tall crane, to take care of your tree problems. Reach out to us for pruning and trimming or tree removal services.

Caring for Your Trees

Maintain the beautiful nature of your land and ensure the health of your trees. Our team has experience in a wide range of tree care services, including tree cutting, tree removal, and tree maintenance. When you rely on T.L.C. Tree & Crane Service, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your needs will be attended to properly.

Commercial Tree Removal Crane Tree Removal Removal of Commercial Tree in Grafton County, NH Man Sawing Tree Section

We serve residential and commercial clients throughout the area, so we understand the importance of attending to the unique needs of both. In fact, we have offered our tree and crane services throughout the New Hampshire region for more than 35 years, and we enjoy a great reputation with all our past clients. Our service area includes Newfound Lake and extends to Squam Lake, Lake Winepesake, Lake Sunapee, Mascoma Lake, and beyond.