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Expert Tree Removal in Grafton County, NH

T.L.C. Tree & Crane Service is a team of experienced professionals committed to maintaining the appearance and safety of your property. Call us when you need expert tree removal in Grafton County, NH, or any of our other services. We have the knowledge and equipment to take on jobs of all sizes safely and efficiently.

Crane Worker Crane Operator Tree Care in Grafton County, NH Tree Care in Grafton County, NH

Advanced Tools and Training

When you have aging trees surrounding your home or business and limited space to work with, you need a partner who knows how to handle a crane. While many assume that tree removal involves chopping at the base and yelling “timber,” the process actually more of a disassembly. We carefully position our teams with the help of our heavy equipment.

Learn more about our crane services for trees and see how this approach makes everyone involved safer. Through the use of heavy equipment and leverage, we strategically separate and remove pieces of the tree. Any company that arrives for the project without a crane could dramatically lengthen the amount of time it takes.

Advantages of Crane Assisted Tree Removal

Process of Tree Removal

Many of the historic buildings in this county are located in close quarters with others. They are shaded by trees that have been growing for generations. When you choose a partner with access to cranes and other advanced tools, you significantly reduce the time for a project, and you can overcome any obstacle in the process.

Not everyone is qualified to use cranes for removing trees. Our team has the training and the experience needed to complete every project on your terms. Learn more about our quality tree services and competitive pricing today.

In addition to removal and maintenance, we offer thorough stump grinding. As our customer, you can expect excellent service that’s completed in a timely manner at a competitive price. Your complete satisfaction with our work is always our highest priority. Reach out to us to request a written estimate for:

  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • View/Vista Cutting

Quality Tree Care from Attentive Professionals

We have built our reputation on the high standard of service that we provide to our customers throughout the area. Whether you need trimming to improve the appearance of your trees or the removal of a sick or damaged tree to ensure the safety of your home, we are the company to call. We’re ready to show the dedication to excellence that has earned the praise of our previous customers. To work effectively, we’ll use a 20-, 25-, or 50-ton crane to take on even the largest, most difficult trees.

As our customer, you receive attentive service that promotes the health and appearance of your trees. We’ll assess the trees on your property and recommend the best course of action. Our team welcomes the opportunity to serve you.